Frequently asked questions

Are we accepting users at the moment?

Yes - you can use the site freely! So, feel free to use the system and consider your self a tester!

Who will this website be of use to?

You, your friends, your collegues, and/or your students. People are always keen to show each other the Apps they like to use. The gamers may like to show off, the business users might have productivity recomendations, schools might have educational recomendations for their students.

You have an MDM and you want to deploy apps easily?

This is one of the reasons we started out to create - It doesnt matter what MDM you use, but here is a step by step guide for Meraki. You can apply the same steps to any MDM. Deployment Guide

You don't have an MDM but you want one setup?

If you are an independant user you won't need this! If you manage a school or business and you need to deploy apps then you need an MDM setup. This is one of the business services that we can offer you from consultancy, through to creation of Apple IDs, full management, support etc.

You want to get involved?

O.K. What can you do? This is a free resources so we can't take on any paid developers at the moment but we might accept donations of coding, support and promotion ;-)

Do you have a useful question that should be in this FAQ?

No problem, if many people are asking the same question we can add it here! Feel free to let us know here.

You want to display a list of Apps with out logging in?

You wont be able to add any search results to your list with out logging in - but you can display a list perhaps to embed in your own website.
Here is the syntax to search for results on the Apple App Store.
For Angry Birds Rio -
or for Flappy Birds -
Note - Changing the type to 'apple' for iTunes Store or 'mac' for Mac App Store

You know a user and want to see their List?

Simply visit - Replacing the name as appropriate.

You know the list number and want to see it?

Simply visit - Replacing the number as appropriate.

Can't find an App you are searching for?

This puzzles us too! Apple seem to be hiding some of the Apps in external searches. We will develop a tool so you can add Apps manually by entering its ID.

You want to embed your list on your website?

No Problem! Just insert the code in your page as follows. There are different options to choose, and play with the different options as appropriate.

Display all of a users lists: <iframe src="" seamless style="width:auto;height:800px;"></iframe>
Display a particular list: <iframe src="" seamless style="width:300px;height:800px;float:right"></iframe>
Width could be any value you like. e.g. auto,300px,400px,1000px etc or even 100% - if you do not have a width value the display may be too narrow.
Height can also be any value and must be included this is normally a value like height:800px
Positioning: float:left or float:right is not required, although if you are embedding into a site where there is already content you may find this helps you.

You could even try to embed a bespoke search :

Do you want a plain table list - maybe useful for displaying data in simplest form

Using displaymode=html when displaying a list - will display a simple HTML table.

Do you have a useful question that should be in this FAQ?

No problem, if many people are asking the same question we can add it here! Feel free to let us know here.

Apps list shows wrong count

This may be due to an app that has been removed from the App store. The owner of the list will have to remove the app that is no longer available (they will see an error when they next visit their list).

App showing differnt price or description than expected

This may be because we cache data for a period to take the load off the Apple servers. Data corrects its self eventually. If problems persist an admin can dump the cache.